Who am I?

Those three words bring back to memory a short introduction piece I wrote  at the beginning if this year for my classmates at college. We were all new to each other, and we decided to start a blog and post small introduction pieces for everyone else to see. My first piece began with something like this:

“Who am I?

Mountains. Poetry. Running. Bird-watching. Rock-climbing. Sitting quietly. My past. The present. Laughing. Reading. Teenager. Observing. Patient. Photography. Snakes. Bob Marley. A friend. Questioning. Football. Trees. Stars. Sister. Curious. Chocolate. Long walks. Traveling. Rain. Music. Relationships. House MD. Ex-CfLite. Pani-puri. Feather-collector. Singing.”

So those words sum up pretty much the things I like, what I connect to, and how I view myself. Apart from that, I love working with children. I’m saying it again, but I really do enjoy photography, mainly wildlife and people photography. I like reading, and I enjoy watching movies as well.

Click here to view my photos!

So, I started keeping this blog a week after I began thinking about keeping a blog. This blog will be more a collection of my thoughts, photographs, articles and poems that I want to share, and things I find interesting.  It could be anything really! I also hope to come across other bloggers and see what they have to say and share. On my first post I had said that I was going to enjoy this, and I really am enjoying this!


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