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College begins!

Three days up, and the upcoming semester already looks full.

College actually begins the coming Monday, but we’ve come in a week earlier for a credit course. We’re learning to use Pro Tools- a sound editing and recording software, and tomorrow is our last day. I’m not really a technology savvy person, and this is the first time I’ve felt so challenged with a computer software. Sometimes, I find the most basic and obvious things tricky or, I just don’t bother to look properly before I freak out and ask for help!

This year, I’ll be doing Communication Studies. Last year, Psychology and English Literature were part of the combination, but I’ll be dropping these two subjects this year. The syllabus looks interesting, and I’m looking forward to this semester!

We have a section on the ‘Perspectives on Art’ where we’ll be learning about dance, music (Indian Classical forms of both) and art (Western and Indian). We’ll also be touching upon theater for a bit. Here, we’ll mainly be learning about how to assess a performance or piece, and write about it. My knowledge in these fields aren’t that great, but I have been exposed to them and practiced them at some points in my life. Certainly looking forward to these sessions. We’ll also be going to performances and institutions where these arts are being practiced!

We will also study and discuss the major turning points in the history of India as part of another section. We’ll discuss how things today came to be way the way they are because of past events, whether it’s got to do with region, religion, identities etc.

Finally, something I’m really looking forward the part where we’ll be reading a lot of Indian literature! We’ll be reading a lot, and before college starts, we have to read a book (one of the Many books we have to read) called Karukku, which is an autobiography by a Tamil Dalit woman. Here is an introduction about the book by the translator. I’ve read three chapters and it’s simple and well written, but quite hard-hitting at parts.

Apart from this, there’s a lot more to look forward to in college this year, and even outside college I guess!


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