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A ride for Safe Food

Last weekend I was part of a campaign which was going against the use of GMOs, pesticides, and the use of harmful chemicals in the production of food. We cycled a distance of around 10kms in the city, stopping along the way and talking to people and asking them to support the movement. The cycle rally was organized by India for Safe Food, which is a movement amongst Indian farmers, the consumers and the government to make sure that everyone has access to safe, poison-free food.

Click here to read my article about the event, the movement, and the demands we’re making of the Union Agriculture Minister and the government.

Set for the Ride



Cycle. Lake. Cycle. Go-kart. Cycle. Sleep!

Yesterday, 5 of us went on a cycle ride and we covered nearly 60 kilometers! This was possibly one of the hardest and most difficult rides I’ve ever done.

We started off at 7.30, and by the time the five of us got together, it was 8.30. The weather was lovely and perfect for cycling. Cloudy and cool. We headed off from J.P Nagar and hit the Kanakapura Road, and rode in a single file to avoid getting to close to the passing trucks and speeding cars. After cycling for about half an hour (without breakfast), Vijey said there was a small roadside shop he saw where they were selling omelettes. We wondered if we should stop there, and finally turned back. We were all starving, and the food turned out to be great!

In the beginning                Pic: Shashank Ck

Our first destination was a small lake which is about 12 kms from JP Nagar. The cycling group has been there a couple of times before, but this was only my second time there. The last time I went there was sometime last July, and the lake was full after the rains. This time the water level was far less, and the land around was dry and brown. We sat around, skipped stones, and walked around the lake for a while. I was already a little tired.

Our plan was then to go from the lake to a go-karting place a few kilometers away from the lake,still further away from the city. I’m guessing it was another 3 kilometers from the lake. We started off and it was from here that I stared noticing the up-hills and down-hills. I was getting tired and while I was glad there was a downhill, I knew that on the way back, it was going to be hard to cycle up the slopes. I cycled at my own pace, and we finally got to the go-karting place. I was relieved. The place was empty. I’m guessing we were their first customers. I had never been go-karting before, and I doubted my skills of riding the toy car majorly. I was in two minds about going in the car and racing with four other boys, all of whom had done this before. Finally, after thinking for a bit, I said I was in! Might as well try it when I have the opportunity. No, I don’t do that always. Twice I’ve had the opportunity of going on some crazy, topsy-turvy, upside down, all-turning sides ride in amusement parks, and I’ve kept my distance. I prefer watching people screaming, with their arms flailing and hair flying, while they’re being thrown around by a big ass machine.

The lake

So, they we were, racing! It was great fun, and I don’t think I was bad at it at all. Twice I crashed, but everyone did at some point! Eight rounds around the track, and I wanted to do more! We sat around for a while, watched two other groups racing, and then started heading back. It was already 2.30, and we hadn’t had lunch as yet. One of my friends called his mom and told her were coming for lunch.

The ride back, I almost died! With the up-slopes I struggled, and I kept the four others waiting. This was possibly one of the most strenuous things I’ve done in a long time, and my energy level had reached its limits. My legs began to cramp and burn, and twice I got off my cycle and pushed it up the slope. Even the flat stretches became as struggle. Finally, I told them to just race ahead and wait for me. We stopped around 4 or 5 times. At one point I could go no more, and Ambar and I stopped to drink coconut water, and I ran to the petrol bunk loo near by. The go-karting place had an open “loo”, suitable enough for guys. I had to wait till then. I got a good rest, and drank two coconuts. Sitting down I felt good, but the minute I got up, my legs hurt and cramped! Maybe I should take an auto back I told Ambar. It was really killing me.

On the way back     Pic: Shashank Ck

Joining the others, we had another break. This time, I switched cycles with Shashank, and we continued, and ditched the auto plan.  Again, I cycled in my own slooow pace. Ambar was constantly cycling a few feet behind me (I don’t know how he did that!). This time, I was determined to finish, and I did. The ride from that point was pretty flat, and we kept at a constant pace. I wanted to make it, all the way to Vijey’s place, and I did, and I wouldn’t have if it was not for these guys being so patient!

We reached Vijey’s place and we ate and ate! The food was so good. We were exhausted, and I was ready to crash! After resting for a while, we headed our own ways back home. I was tired, but happy.

I came home, had a bath, ate dinner, and crashed and didn’t get up till the alarm rang.
The trip was worth every moment, however hard it was.

My first published article

Click here to view: My first published article









This summer, I’m doing a six-week internship at Citizen Matters (Bangalore) and here’s my first article. This got published a week back. Citizen Matters is a Bangalore based citizen oriented news magazine which encourages citizens to write for citizens. This internship is a compulsory part of the three-year Communications course I’m doing.
I’m enjoying and I’m learning a lot, researching, speaking to a lot of new people, and always trying to write about things that both interest me, and hopefully will be of interest to the readers. I also see this as a chance for me to learn about Bangalore, and what’s happening here wheather it’s social, cultural, environmental or political.

Two weeks over, and four more to go!

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