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Swarathma’s ‘Topiwalleh’

This post has been collecting dust in my draft box.

Almost a week back, Swarathma, an Indian folk-rock band performed in Bangalore, and it was a brilliant brilliant show! I always try to catch their shows in the city. The music, the energy, the lyrics, and the sounds are always so lively! I usually never listen to Hindi songs, and don’t listen to Kannada songs either (the language in which this band sings), but somehow I’ve taken a deep liking to the songs they sing. I’m not very good at Hindi, and neither in Kannada, but the feelings the songs evoke are many.
Right now, Swarathma is launching their second album ‘Topiwalleh’ and they’re doing a tour around India, and they’re half way through. Tomorrow they play in Mysore!

Vasu Dixit, Swarathma

The first time I ever listened to Swarathma was about two years back at the Hard Rock cafe here in Bangalore, and I was mind-blown by their energy and performance. I hadn’t even heard a recording of any of their songs before that, and I had no clue what that evening had in store for me. After watching the six of them play live, listening to their songs on Youtube, or on the computer was nothing like listening live, clapping and moving and jumping to their music, right there with them.

Pavan Kumar on percussion, Swarathma

However, some of their songs I listen to over and over.
Here are a few songs with good recordings on Youtube:
Pyaasi:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCii9Pmjxho
Duur Kinarahttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hR9H5iZ-l1I

Here’s a site with some of their other songs.
Here, I’d recommend: Pyaar ka rang, Sur mera, Patte Saare and Ee Bhoomi.

Oh, and I almost forgot. My next article was about their concert in Bangalore.
Click here to read my article and get a sense of what their concert was like!



They danced all day

On the 29th of April, it was World Dance Day. Another intern (my classmate) and I went to the Alliance Francaise here in Bangalore, and were there the whole day, covering the event! All the dances performed were Indian Classical
dances and they were beautiful! The event started at 10, and went on till 10 that night!
We did a whole detailed write up about the event, but due to some delay, the article did not get published on time, and by the time it did get published, the info wasn’t as relevant. This event however, did get published in the magazine, and not everything under the sun does!
Below are a few pictures I took.

Click on the link below to see what we managed to get published online, and it has a few more I took pictures (not my best!).

Click here to view: http://bangalore.citizenmatters.in/articles/view/4132-world-dance-day-at-alliance


Dance form: Kathak


Dance form: Bharathanatyam

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