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The rain and the sea

We returned from our beach trip yesterday morning. Though short, it was totally worth it.

Getting off the bus at the small village of Kumbashi, we were greeted by an early morning drizzle. Buying curd and milk for the next 3 days, we stopped a passing auto and headed straight for the beach house. The weather was lovely, and it wasn’t humid like I had expected it to be.

Over the next 3 days we cooked and ate a lot, apart from other things. The food was simply delicious. With each of us giving our own suggestions on how to cook, the result was great, and not once did we mess up a recipe, or make something that didn’t taste right! We were thrilled with ourselves! Personally I don’t cook too much, hardly actually, but this really motivated me to start. Let’s see if it continues!

The beach was so empty and deserted, and the four us had the beach to ourselves (well most of the time!). We walked along the sea quietly, and I was constantly reminded of the beach trek we did from school two years ago. Miles of the beach with hardly anyone on it. The first evening we sat by the sea singing songs and walked back home in the dark. The sea was rough and loud most of the time, and the tide was constantly changing.

Just us and the sea

Thinking back now, time seems to have passed so quickly. We read, we listened to music, drank coffee and relaxed. Every now and then it rained, and it rained heavily. On the second night it rained so heavily, I got up and went back to sleep. I love falling asleep listening to the rain.

On our last day, after a late lunch, we went on a walk behind the house where there is a wooded area. We crossed the fence and walked through the trees and we strayed off the paths.

Walking through the woods

At one point I was standing a midst the branches of a fallen tree, when suddenly I heard the rustle of leaves to my left. I turned, and around 10 feet away was a snake! For a few seconds I held my breath and I watched. It was slowly slithering through the dead brown leaves.  Was it a Rat snake or a Cobra? It was surely one of the two. I slowly lifted my camera and clicked a few shots, and before I could get a decent one, it had slithered away. I walked around the thick bushes, hesitantly at first, and went on to the side the snake was heading towards. I called out to my friends and one of them came. We saw it again, this time around 15 feet away. Then, it disappeared again. We lost it, but we walked back home content with what we had just seen.

The rain

Few hours before we left, we packed up, and got ready for the night bus back home. Getting ready meant two things for us. Not drinking too much water, and eating the right thing in the right amount. The ride back was bumpy, but we got back fine.

Once on the bus, it began to rain outside. After chatting for a while, we closed our eyes. We slept.



The moment I left for home this evening, the rain had begun. I knew even before I left that it was going to pour!
I was ready to get drenched. My friends stopped me, and made me put on my big grey poncho, and then I started to ride.

The rain got heavier, and the thunder was loud. For the first time today, I was scared a branch or tree would fall on my head. I drove slowly, wondering if I should stop and wait for the rain to pass.Two kilometers down I stopped at a signal. Next thing I knew, my bike wouldn’t start. Well, it isn’t really a bike that I have, it’s a scooter, but I hope to start riding a bike soon! So anyway, my Scooter stopped and I had to pull over to the side. The rain was
still heavy, so I stood under a small shelter watching my bike getting clean. I hadn’t washed it for a while.


Took this picture in Tamilnadu a while back

I watched the cars, bikes and buses pass. I hardly thought about the fact that my bike didn’t start. I hadn’t tried kick-starting it yet. Water collected and flowed on the sides of the uneven road. 5 minutes. 10 minutes. I waited. Then, another car stopped, and refused start. The driver stayed inside his car, refusing to get wet. The two autos, and the car behind the first car, refused to stop honking.

I waited a while longer. The rain got less heavy, and other people who were waiting for the rain to subside got on their bikes and left. I decided to leave too. I was also getting quite hungry. With one kick the scooter started.


Took this picture a few years back. I suddenly remembered this today

I made sure not turn off the engine (which I usually do at signals) because now, I really wanted to get home. My poncho kept slapping against my bike, rain was falling on my face, and autos, cars, and buses whizzed past, and the water from the ground got sprayed meters away.
I really couldn’t care less. I was enjoying the rain.

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