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Birds in Bangalore

Bird watching is something I miss doing a lot. Back in school there were plenty of opportunities where we could go out wandering in the campus at almost any time of the day, sit in a place, walk around and just be. I did that a until last year. Now, staying in the city and having the kind of schedule I have with college, and now my internship, the chances of my getting out of the city is lower. However, when the opportunity of getting out of the city is there, I grab it!

Right from when my internship started, I knew I wanted to be writing about something connected with the environment. And here it is, my next published article. This one’s about birds we can see in the city, especially at this time of the ear. Click here to read.


When it gets too hot

Click here to see what to do When it gets too hot in the summer.

So, with summer here, I had decided to write an article about a few indoor sports arenas one could go to in Bangalore. Here, even with the sun blazing, you can enjoy a good game of football, cricket and a whole lot of other sports! Read on for more details.

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